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Jon and I met in 1979 at a dog show. Jon was working as an assistant to handler, Barbara Alderman and I was managing a Radiology Department in a large hospital and part time handler. Jon bred Beagles as a teenager and I originally bred Shetland Sheepdogs. Jon moved to North Carolina August 1, 1979.

A few months before I met Jon, a bright intelligent little 11 year old girl decided I was to be her weekend dog show parent. That was the begnning of my relationship with Penelope Bender. Neither Penelope or mysef would ever be able to explain the close family relationship we have always had. Jon, Penelope and myself became an every weekend dog show family.

Penelope Bender

Penelope and I were at a dog show and Jon had made a trip tp pick up a new Sheltie. Our friend, Sandra Campbell of Craigwood Bassetts and Beagles brought us a gift of a 13" Champion male Beagle. Penelope loved him and I thought he would make her a great Juniors dog and I gave him to Penelope. Jon returned very unhappy with my decision and took him back from a tearful Penelope. We luckily were able to find Penelope a great Beagle for Juniors and she had many exciting wins throughout her Juniors years. We bought several very nice Beagle bitches and had great fun finishing them and started our breeding program.

Eddie Dziuk and Judy, Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood

We are now breeding and showing Beagles and were successful. We luckily met a great young man who quickly joined our Beagle family, Eddie Dziuk. We had many exciting years showing, co-owning and breeding with Eddie. The two most outstanding winners were Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood and Ch. Lanbur The Company Car.

A few years later, a Sheltie friend, Kim Baxstrome Delaney came to help as our handling business had grown. and was very busy. When she returned to Canada she was hooked on Beagles.

Kim Delaney

Our Beagle family has grown steadily and now a large family brought together by their love and devotion to the Beagle breed.

Lanbur Family

Lanbur Family

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